Friday, December 27, 2013

Flying The Colours:

This was in my RBC Cup Newsletter e-mail:

RBC CUP 2014 The Excitement Returns!

A publication of the Vernon RBC Cup Host Committee

December 16, 2013 Volume 2, I ssue 6

Flying The Colours

If the host committee's plans are realized, downtown Vernon will be awash with RBC Cup banners starting in early March.

Downtown merchants will be asked to participate in a show of spirit that could include as many as 90 RBC Cup banners placed on lampposts on 30th Avenue and on 32nd Street.

Communications Manager Don Klepp says "we're delighted that the Downtown Vernon Association is really supporting this idea. We think it will help create a festive atmosphere before and during our RBC Cup."

The Vernon host committee had planned to implement the banner program before visiting Summerside In May, and were pleased to see how such banners dressed up downtown Summerside. "We like what they did, but we'll have our own designs," says Klepp.

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