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Interior Conference Finals-Game 3-Preview: Vernon @ Salmon Arm:

Interior Conference Finals-Game 3 Preview: Vernon (4-4) @ Salmon Arm (10-1)

Tonight is Game 3 of the Interior Conference Finals between the Salmon Arm Silverbacks and the defending National Champion Vernon Vipers. The Vipers head into Game 3 down 2-0 in the series after a 6-0 loss at home in Game 2 Saturday night. You can listen to tonights game live with Todd Miller on 107.5 Kiss FM starting at 6:45pm

Here's a look at the Vipers-Silverbacks Playoff Schedule:

(Interior Conference Finals)

#1 Vernon Vipers vs. #3 Salmon Arm Silverbacks

Game 1: Friday, March 18th @ Vernon (Salmon Arm won 5-3)
Game 2: Saturday, March 19th @ Vernon (Salmon Arm won 6-0)
Game 3: Monday, March 21st @ Salmon Arm
Game 4: Tuesday, March 22nd @ Salmon Arm
Game 5: Thursday, March 24th @ Vernon
Game 6: Friday, March 25th @ Salmon Arm
Game 7: Saturday, March 26th @ Vernon

Let's take a look at the Vernon Vipers: (Playoffs)

Games Played: 8
Wins: 4
Losses: 4
Home Record: 2-3
Road Record: 2-1
Streak: Two game losing streak
Goals For: 24
Goals Against: 26

Returning Players:

Bryce Kakoske (90)
David Robinson (90)
Blake Voth (91)
Steve Weinstein (90)
Adam Thompson (90)
Dylan Walchuk (92)
Patrick McGillis (91)

Departing & traded players from last years team:

Connor Jones (90)
Mike Collins (90)
Braden Pimm (89)
Cory Kane (90)
Jonathan Milhouse (89)
Kellen Jones (90)
Rob Short (89)
Cole Ikkala (90)
Dan Nycholat (89)
Kevin Kraus (89)
Curtis Gedig (91)
Garrett Noonan (91)
Sahir Gill (92)
Darrin Robak (91)
Graeme Gordon (89)

Vernon’s Home record vs. Salmon Arm during the playoffs:


Vernon’s Road record vs. Salmon Arm during the playoffs:


Vernon’s Powerplay vs. Salmon Arm during the playoffs:


Vernon’s scoring leaders vs. Salmon Arm during the playoffs:

Malcolm Lyles (0-1-1)
Dylan Walchuk (0-1-1)
David Robinson (0-1-1)
John Knisley (1-0-1)
Mike Zalewski (0-1-1)
Darren Nowick (0-1-1)
Kyle Murphy (1-0-1)
Patrick McGillis (1-0-1)

Kirby Halcrow (0-2 Record)

Key’s and Notes to tonight’s game:

-Tonight is a must win for Vernon, the Vipers dont want to go down 3-0 in the series

-The Vipers who have had trouble with Salmon Arm all regular season, need to get off to a quick start and get to Kris Moore early and often

-The Vipers need to play a full 60 minutes vs a very strong Silverbacks hockey club

-The Vipers need to try and score first and make the Silverbacks play catchup hockey

-The Vipers need to play physical and get the forecheck going down low, the Vipers are a much better club when they get the defence turned around and work the cycle

-Blake Voth is 1-3 in his career vs. Salmon Arm in the regular season

-Vernon is 0-4 in these playoffs when giving up the games first goal

-Kirby Halcrow has to be just as good as he was in the Westside series, Vernon needs some big saves when needed

-Getting off to a good start and a strong finish is key for Vernon

-The Vipers are 4-0 in these playoffs when scoring first

-The Vipers dont have a sniper-goal scorer so are going to have to work extra hard for their goals vs a tough defensive Salmon Arm club

-Experience and leadership is key for any team come playoff time, the Vipers seven returning players from last years RBC Cup team will have to lead the way and use their experience and leadership through these playoffs

-Vernon has to once again play shutdown hockey and shutdown the Silverbacks offensive players

-Vernon needs to stay out of the penalty box, facing off against one of the league’s best powerplay units

-Kirby Halcrow is 2-9 in his career vs. Salmon Arm during the regular season and playoffs

-Vernon has the 10th ranked powerplay in these playoffs

-The Vipers have the 5th ranked penalty kill in the playoffs

-The Vipers need to get a ton of traffic in front of Kris Moore, drive hard towards the net and get as many shots on goal as possible

Here’s a look at the previous Playoff meetings between these two teams:

2005-06 Salmon Arm defeated Vernon in five games
2008-09 Vernon defeated Salmon Arm in six games

The Vernon Lakers changed their name to the Vernon Vipers to start the 1995-96 season. Here’s a look at the Vipers all-time playoff record

Playoff Series Played: 45
Playoff Series Won: 35
Playoff Series Lost: 10

For more stats & former Vernon Junior Hockey Team rosters & lineups please visit Paul’s Vernon Junior Hockey History website,

Let's take a look at the Salmon Arm Silverbacks: (Playoffs)

Games Played: 11
Wins: 10
Losses: 1
Home Record: 3-1
Road Record: 7-0
Streak: Three game winning streak
Goals For: 47
Goals Against: 26

For more coverage and info on the Salmon Arm Silverbacks, please visit Patrick Haas’s Salmon Arm Silverbacks blog,

Returning Players:

Devin Gannon (91)
David Killip (91)
Brett Knowles (91)
Justin Krabben (91)
Josh Manson (91)
Brandon Mistal (92)
Jayson Reardon (90)
Charlie Vasaturo (90)
Kurt Williams (91)

Departing & traded players from last years team:

Matt Ridley (90)
Christopher Hoe (90)
Josh Monk (92)
Mark Zengerle (89)
Corey Chakeen (89)
Tyler Gubb (89)
Travis Statchuk (90)
Bobby Lipsett (89)
Levi Hantula (90)
Kyle Peden (89)
Tony Ierfino (89)
Matt Cassidy (90)

Salmon Arm's Home record vs. Vernon during the playoffs:


Salmon Arm's Road record vs. Vernon during the playoffs:


Salmon Arm's Powerplay vs. Vernon during the playoffs:


Salmon Arm's scoring leaders vs. Vernon during the playoffs:

Brett Knowles (2-3-5)
Mike Hammond (1-3-4)
Jayson Reardon (1-2-3)
Paul De Jersey (1-1-2)
Jarryd Ten Vaanholt (2-0-2)
Brad Reid (1-1-2)
Charlie Vasaturo (0-2-2)
Josh Manson (1-1-2)
James Friedel (0-1-1)
David Killip (0-1-1)
Bryce Gervais (1-0-1)
Clinton Atkinson (1-0-1)
Morgan Zulinick (0-1-1)
Devin Gannon (0-1-1)

Kris Moore (2-0 Record)

Key’s and Notes to tonight’s game:

-Josh McKissock & Colin O’Hara are facing their former team. McKissock attended the Vipers training camp last season but was cut before signing with Salmon Arm this year, and O’Hara was an Assistant Coach in Vernon for just one season three years ago before leaving for a head coaching job in the SJHL. O’Hara is in his first season with the Silverbacks.

-The Backs have outscored the Vipers 40-22 in ten games this year

-Goaltending will be key for both teams

-The Backs are going to want to try and score early

-Kris Moore who is 6-1 against Vernon this season stopping 227 out of 245 shots in six games vs Vernon this season.

-The Silverbacks are 10-0 when scoring the first goal of the game in these playoffs

-Salmon Arm is 0-1 when giving up the first goal of the game in these playoffs

-The Backs need to try and slow down Vernon's speed and skill and not allow the Vipers to control the puck and play down low

-Salmon Arm has a ton of confidence playing the Vipers

-The Silverbacks need to capitalize on their chances

Here's a look at the playoff series between these two teams:

Interior Conference Finals-Game 1 @ Vernon: Salmon Arm wins 5-3



Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 3:20 (PP) - Bryce Gervais from Brett Knowles and David Killip
Vernon Vipers at 18:51 - John Knisley from Darren Nowick and Michael Zalewski


Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 6:44 - Josh Manson from Brett Knowles and James Friedel


Vernon Vipers at 9:28 - Patrick McGillis from Dylan Walchuk
Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 13:32 - Paul De Jersey from Charlie Vasaturo
Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 15:34 - Mike Hammond from Paul De Jersey
Vernon Vipers at 17:34 (PP) - Kyle Murphy from David Robinson and Malcolm Lyles
Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 19:25 (EN) - Jayson Reardon from Kris Moore

Vernon outshot Salmon Arm 41-30. Kris Moore made 38 saves in the win, while Kirby Halcrow made 25 saves in the loss.

Interior Conference Finals-Game 2 @ Vernon: Salmon Arm wins 6-0



Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 7:30 - Brad Reid from Brett Knowles and Mike Hammond
Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 11:09 - Clinton Atkinson from Brad Reid
Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 17:29 (PP) - Brett Knowles from Josh Manson and Jayson Reardon
Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 19:30 (PP) - Jarryd Ten Vaanholt from Morgan Zulinick and Mike Hammond
Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 19:55 - Brett Knowles from Charlie Vasaturo and Devin Gannon


Salmon Arm Silverbacks at 9:31 (PP) - Jarryd Ten Vaanholt from Mike Hammond and Jayson Reardon


No Scoring

Vernon outshoots Salmon Arm 34-17. Kris Moore makes 34 saves picking up the shutout, while Kirby Halcrow made 4 saves taking the loss.

Here's a look at both teams playoff rosters-stats:


Patrick McGillis (4-3-7)
Dylan Walchuk (2-4-6)
Colton Sparrow (2-3-5)
Trevor Fitzgerald (2-3-5)
Aaron Hadley (1-3-4)
Marcus Basara (2-2-4)
Bryce Kakoske (1-3-4)
Malcolm Lyles (2-2-4)
David Robinson (1-3-4)
Adam Thompson (1-2-3)
John Knisley (2-1-3)
Michael Zalewski (1-2-3)
Darren Nowick (1-2-3)
Brett Corkey (0-2-2)
Kyle Murphy (1-1-2)
Dane Muench (1-0-1)
Max Mowat (0-1-1)
Steven Weinstein (0-0-0)
Ryan Renz (0-0-0)
Zach McPhee (0-0-0)
Philip Patenaude (0-0-0)

Kirby Halcrow (3-3 Record, 2.73 GAA)
Blake Voth (1-1, 3.74 GAA Record)

Salmon Arm:

Brett Knowles (7-12-19)
Mike Hammond (9-8-17)
Devin Gannon (5-6-11)
Jayson Reardon (1-8-9)
Josh Manson (2-6-8)
Paul De Jersey (4-3-7)
Clinton Atkinson (1-6-7)
Jarryd Ten Vaanholt (5-2-7)
Bryce Gervais (2-4-6)
Brad Reid (3-4-6)
Charlie Vasaturo (2-4-6)
David Killip (1-4-5)
Morgan Zulinick (1-4-5)
Devin Muller (1-3-4)
Kevin Mills (1-2-3)
Dustin Cave (2-0-2)
James Friedel (0-2-2)
Brandon Mistal (0-1-1)
Justin Elliott (0-1-1)
Cody Michelle (0-0-0)
Josh McKissock (0-0-0)

Kris Moore (10-1 Record, 1 Shutout, 2.34 GAA)
Kurt Williams (0-0 Record)

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