Friday, November 15, 2019

Game Preview: Vernon @ Langley:

Vernon (13-9-1-0) @ Langley (10-13-0-0) 7:15pm

Tonight is the first of two regular season meetings between the Vernon Vipers & Langley Rivermen. The Vipers split last years regular season series 1-1

Last Game:

Wednesday, November 13th Vernon defeated Prince George 2-1 Shootout
Sunday, November 10th Langley defeated Surrey 2-1 shootout

Next Game:

Saturday, November 16th Vernon @ Coquitlam
Sunday, November 17th Cowichan @ Langley

Vernon's record & stats vs the Rivermen since 2003

Since the 2003-04 regular season Vernon is 17-8-1-4 vs Langley

Since the 2003-04 regular season Vernon has outscored Langley 110-84

Since the 2003-04 regular season Vernon is 7-5-0-1 at home vs Langley

Since the 2003-04 regular season Vernon is 9-3-1-3 in Langley

Vernon's last regular season win in Langley was a 5-1 victory on Saturday, November 3rd 2018

Langley's last regular season win at home vs Vernon was a 2-1 overtime victory on Friday, February 7th 2014

Vernon's last regular season win at home vs Langley was a 5-1 victory on Friday, February 9th 2018

Langley's last regular season win in Vernon was a 4-2 victory on Sunday, February 17th 2019

Here's a look at last years regular season series vs Langley

November 3rd Vernon @ Langley: Vipers won 5-1
February 17th Langley @ Vernon: Rivermen won 4-2

Here's a look at this years regular season series vs Langley

November 15th Vernon @ Langley:
November 23rd Langley @ Vernon:

Let's take a look at the Vernon Vipers:

The 13-9-1-0 Defending Interior Division Champion Vernon Vipers make there first and only regular season visit to the George Preston Arena, are coming off a 2-1 shootout victory Wednesday in Prince George. Tonight's the Vipers tenth game of a season high eleven game road trip. The Vipers last home game was October 19th vs the Trail Smoke Eaters. The Snakes next home game is November 22nd vs the visiting Salmon Arm Silverbacks, the Vipers first home game in thirty three days. Vernon enters this weekend having played seventeen of there first twenty three games on the road. The Vipers have lost three of there last five games but are 6-3-1-0 in there last ten games. Vernon sits 4th in the Interior division are fourteen points up on 6th place West Kelowna, three points up on 5th place Wenatchee and eight points back of 3rd place Trail. 

Vernon Vipers Roster:

Connor Marritt (9-9-18) & Matt Kowalski (9-10-19) share the team lead in goals with nine each, while Kowalski leads the team lead in points with nineteen

Vernon Vipers 2019-20 regular season stats:

Games Played: 23
Wins: 13
Losses: 9
Overtime Wins: 2
Overtime Losses: 1
Shootout Wins: 4
Shootout Losses: 0
Home Record: 4-3-0-0
Road Record: 8-6-1-0
Overtime Record: 2-1
Shootout Record: 4-0
Record vs Interior Division: 6-5-0-0
Record vs Island & Mainland Divisions: 7-4-1-0
When the Vipers score first: 10-2-1-0
When the opponents score first: 3-7-0-0
Leading after the 1st period: 2-0-0-0
Tied after the 1st period: 11-2-1-0
Trailing after the 1st period: 0-6-0-0
Leading after the 2nd period: 7-1-0-0
Tied after the 2nd period: 5-0-1-0
Trailing after the 2nd period: 1-8-0-0
Out shooting opponents: 11-6-0-0
Out shot by opponents: 2-3-1-0
One goal games: 7-3-1-0
Goals for: 57
Goals against: 60
Standings: 4th Place (Interior Division) 
Win-loss Streak: One game winning streak
Longest winning streak: Seven games
Longest losing streak: Four games
Vipers record in September: 3-3-0-0
Vipers record in October: 7-4-0-0 
Vipers record in November 3-2-1-0

Vernon Vipers Returning Players:

Matt Kowalski (99)
Ben Helgeson (00)
Ben Sanderson (00)
Logan Cash (00)
Elan Bar-Lev-Wise (01)
Landon Fuller (99)
Brendan Kim (00)
Trey Taylor (02)
Max Palaga (00)

Vernon Vipers departed & traded players from last years team:

Jagger Williamson (98)
Jesse Lansdell (98)
Tyler Ho (00)
Josh Latta (98)
Teddy Wooding (99)
Nicholas Cherkowski (00)
Lane Zablocki (98)
Coleton Bilodeau (00)
Michael Young (98)
Will Dow-Kenny (00)
Jack Judson (00)
Carver Watson (98)
Aidan Porter (99)
Bradley Cooper (99)

Vernon's home record vs Langley last year:


Vernon's road record vs Langley last year:


Vernon's scoring leaders vs Langley last year:

Teddy Wooding (2-2-4)
Connor Marritt (0-3-3)
Josh Latta (1-1-2)
Ben Sanderson (0-2-2)
Jagger Williamson (1-1-2)
Jack Judson (0-1-1)
Brendan Kim (0-1-1)
Coleton Bilodeau (1-0-1)
Elan Bar-Lev-Wise (0-1-1)
Matt Kowalski (1-0-1)
Jesse Lansdell (0-1-1)

Aidan Porter (1-1 Record)

Let's take a look at the Langley Rivermen:

The 10-13-0-0 Langley Rivermen are coming off a 2-1 shootout victory Sunday afternoon over the Surrey Eagles. Tonight's the first game of a three game home stand, where the Rivermen are a game below 500. The Rivermen have won three straight on home ice, went 1-1 vs the Vipers last season. The Rivermen have won back to back games but lost three of there last five. Langley has two wins in there last seven games. Langley sits 4th in the Mainland division are a single point up on last place Surrey, but only a single point back of Prince George and nine points back of 2nd place Chilliwack.

Langley Rivermen Roster:

Brendan Budy (11-21-32) leads the team lead in goals with eleven, & in points with thirty two

Will Dow-Kenny Played 15 games with the Vipers between 2017-2019

Langley Rivermen 2019-20 regular season stats:

Games Played: 23
Wins: 10
Losses: 13
Overtime Losses: 0
Shootout Losses: 0
Home Record: 6-7-0-0
Road Record: 4-6-0-0
Goals for: 69
Goals against: 80
Standings: 3rd Place (Mainland Division)

Langley Rivermen Returning Players:

Matteo Pecchia (00)
Tanner Versluis (99)
Kalen Szeto (02)
Riley Wallack (01)
Tristan Fraser (01)
Devin Leduc (99)
Brian Scoville (99)
Colten Kovich (00)
Stephen Sielsky (01)
Braedon Fleming (99)

Langley Rivermen departed and traded players from last years team:

CJ Walker (99)
Bronson Sharp (99)
Mark Gallant (00)
Chase Pletzke (00)
Ethan Leyh (01)
Daneel Lategan (98)
William Stromp (99)
Trevor Ayre (98)
Ryley Lanthier (99)
Alec Capstick (99)
Garrett Daly (99)
Ryan Helliwell (02)
Jake Livingstone (99)
Shayne Battler (98)

Langley's home record vs Vernon last year:


Langley's road record vs Vernon last year:


Langley Rivermen scoring leaders vs Vernon last year:

Alec Capstick (0-3-3)
Ethan Leyh (0-1-1)
Daneel Lategan (1-0-1)
Brian Scoville (0-1-1)
Garrett Daly (0-1-1)
Matteo Pecchia (0-1-1)
Mark Gallant (1-0-1)
Chase Pletzke (1-0-1)
Kalen Szeto (1-0-1)
Riley Wallack (1-0-1)
Ryley Lanthier (0-1-1)
Devin Leduc (0-1-1)

Braedon Fleming (0-1 Record)

Shyne Battler (1-0 Record


Anonymous said...

Dear VDHF ,
Did you ever find out why the Snakes were banished from Kal Tire Place for such an extended period ?

BINGO said...

Nice looking arena, looks like the old civic arena. Makes you wonder should the city have invested a few more dollars into the civic each year with coporate help we may have still had the old civic with its history. Had we spread out the expensive in the long term years ago well you know the answer. Yes the civic with its 2000 plus seats would still be alive opposed to a cost effective project such as a park for the homeless in a residential area of which everybody would just love. Yes , city councillor lets have the new park tent city within our new civic park rather than city hall , my what a commonsense solution. Now we have a 400 seat arena adjoined to the Kal Tire Place which is very nicely done. But with some thought from other councillors we could still have had the civic. The reality is the civic is gone so my suggestion would be let us turn it into the Brand new RCMP facility. Now that makes sense?

vipersdiehardfan said...

Dear Anonymous, I asked the question last weekend on my blog. Below is my question I posted and a response to my question.

vipersdiehardfan said... November 8, 2019 at 12:22 PM

What is up with the Vipers schedule this year? There is nothing that I know of going on at Kal Tire Place, so why are the Vipers playing 11 games on the road in twenty three days and Viper fans don't see a home game for thirty three days? You cant tell me the Vipers couldn't play at least one or two home games either during the week or on a weekend?

The one and only time I can recall Vernon on a long road trip like this was in 2001 when the new arena was being built and wasn't finished in time for the start of the 2001-02 regular season. That was Mike Vandekamps first season with the Vipers and the Snakes started the season on a ten game road trip, returned home with a 2-8 record.

Does anyone know why the Vipers are on this lengthy road trip? Maybe someone from the Vipers or has a know in, can fill us in?

Thank you

Viper fan said... November 8, 2019 at 1:23 PM

There have been several events, the ski swap was one. this weekend has the snow show. Next weekend is some craft show. Guess the city books events and the hockey schedules themselves around it. So glad we have HockeyTv so we can see all the road games. So worth the money! Especially like that you can watch the game anytime if you can't see it at the scheduled time. That said, we are looking forward to seeing them "live" again soon!

Bob McInnes said...

First off, it's not one 11 game road trip. It's a bunch of one, two, and three game road trips. They've been home and in Vernon most of the time, not on one long road trip. Even the Vipers' play by play guy has been calling this "an eleven game road trip". It's not.
They have now gotten all the Island games and most of the Coastal games out of the way and will have a lot of Interior and home games coming up instead of trying to go over the Coquihalla several times in December, January, and February. It would have been good to have a home game or two in early November, but it's not a crisis.

Their/they're/there record is pretty good for the number of home games they've had.

vipersdiehardfan said...

11 game road trip or eleven games on the road, the Vipers are still playing eleven straight games on the road. This isn't a crisis but a bit of a joke for a schedule. I don't recall any other teams in the league, ever to play eleven games on the road with no home games for thirty three days. The reason why were making a bit of a deal out of this, because this kind of schedule for the Vipers/BCHL isn't normal. The Vipers last home game was October 19th as Viper fans don't see a home game for thirty three days.

vipersdiehardfan said...

I just heard from friends who are tonight's game. Rumors at the rink are Brendan Kim has left the Vipers. I'm guessing this is why the Vipers acquired defenceman Hunter Donohoe yesterday?

Unknown said...

Their was also a ringette tournament at both kal Trie place at the end of October

Anonymous said...

Curious about Brendan Kim & really enjoyed watching him. I was impressed last year but even more so this year. He looked more confident & appeared ready to have a great season. If he has left where would he go? WHL? Early scholarship? Hope this rumour is not true but if it is we will miss him, awesome player.

Bob McInnes said...

There are other long stretches of road games in the league. No team other than the Vipers have 11 in a row, but there are others at 8 and 9. Langley has a stretch where their last home game in January is on the 4th and their next home game is in February. Surrey has a stretch from November 20 to December 20 without a home game. And West Kelowna goes from Oct 25 to Nov. 22.

On the other end of the story is Coquitlam who had a road game Nov 15 (last night) and start a home stand that goes to Dec. 13 with 8 home games in a row. Penticton's final road game of the season is on Jan 21 and they have zero road games in February. That's more than a month.

And this long string of road games for the Vipers isn't as big a deal as it would have been years ago. We can now watch the road games. It's not all gloom. We will have 22 home games remaining. And all the road games from here on do not require overnighting on the road.

Bobby C said...

Please don't compare Penticton to any other team in the BCHL. They are able to manipulate the schedule makers minds every year to their advantage. They haven't had to play 3 consecutive games in a row on a weekend in over 6 years. And yes it is a crazy long road trip , cause you can't call it anything else