Saturday, July 16, 2016

Billets Needed For Upcoming Vipers Season:

This is posted on the Vipers website:

Billets Needed For 2016-17

by Vernon Vipers

June 17, 2016

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For many of us, our choice to move away from the family home was a decision made when we were in our late teens, or even twenties. If you think back, you will remember a lot of the anxiety that went along with this move. For a Junior A hockey player who leaves their family home to follow their dreams, they are not just leaving family and friends behind to go to a new city or town, but they are still expected to perform both on and off the ice in their new community. Without caring billet families to ease this transition, our young athletes, and future stars might never make the decisions they do to pursue their dreams.

The Billet Family experience in most cases becomes a lasting relationship between the player, the players family and the billet family. Our hockey players in the past have served as great role models not only in their community, but for younger family members who can learn from these players dedication and sacrifices to obtain their goals. Often the billet family through this experience have gained a ‘new family member’ who’s career they can monitor, be it at the college, semi pro or even professional level.

If you are interested in becoming a billet for a Vipers hockey player, please contact Kevin Kraus at the Vernon Vipers office (250-542-6022) or email

The importance of billet families to the Vernon Vipers Hockey Club is immeasurable. Simply put, without the billet families we could not put a team on the ice.


Anonymous said...

Not a single word this off season from the Vipers office until they need something from the community... no signings, no reports from prospect camps, etc. I am curious if it is too late to re-visit this crazy 6PM start time on Saturdays. There are a lot of loyal/working fans who struggle to get to the games at 6PM instead of the 7PM start we have had forever.

vipersdiehardfan said...
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vipersdiehardfan said...

Other then making a few announcements shortly after the playoffs ended last year, when the Vipers named three new recruits for this coming season, the Vipers have been one of if not the quietest teams in the league this off summer. Sure they announced the team will once again be back on the radio, and this years schedule but very little news-info regarding new recruits, this years coming roster etc.

I know its summer and a lot of people-fans aren't thinking hockey these days, but the Vipers should still be keeping the fans-people in the community in the loop with whats going on over the off season and what to look ahead for come September. Unless there is no news so far this summer?..... Its the true Viper diehard fans like myself that want to know whats going on, what new players are coming in for the new season, how the team-roster is looking for this coming season etc. Why leave us in the dark all off season? At least they could give us a press release or article on the website or in the local newspaper once in a while regarding new recruits, new players etc. Most of the other teams around the league have been busy announcing new recruits, trades, roster moves etc..... So whats up with the Vipers?