Saturday, July 18, 2020

Episode 15 Vernon Vipers Voices With Aaron Volpatti:

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July 17 2020

Episode 15 of Vipers Voices is available now on our YouTube Page.

On this episode we chat with Aaron Volpatti. 

Aaron shares stories from each of his stops and some of his fondest memories #OneGoal

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vipersdiehardfan said...

I watched this video last night. Arron Volpatti was and still is very easy going and a great guy to chat with. Another one of the Viper greats/all-time fan favorites. Listening to Aaron brought back some great memories and his scary injury/burn. It's amazing how someone come out of that fire accident/burn and not only managed to get back on the ice but to go as far as he did. What an amazing story! Listening to Aaron talk about that set play behind the visitors goal and him running the kid behind the net, is something I will never forget. You could see that play happen at the start of almost every game and it was planned perfectly. Man could that kid hit! That league final vs Surrey Aaron was talking about, I remember like it was yesterday. That Surrey Eagles team was the biggest bunch of sore losers I have ever seen. I never seen a team dive and act like they did the entire series, it was embarrassing. It seemed like every time a Viper touched an Eagle player, the kid fell to the ice and Vernon was given a penalty. Allowing the Eagles to bring in Michael-Lee Teslak was also a joke and totally unfair. This was a great video as I really liked listening to his journey to the NHL before having to retire from hockey early. Thanks for the memories Aaron! Thanks again to the Vernon Vipers & Graham Turnbull for putting on these videos, I love these and look forward to them every Friday! Keep em coming Graham!