Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Vernon Vipers Hytec Post Game Wrap With Jason McKee

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2020-1-1 Hytec Post Game Wrap

Jan 1, 2020

Voice Of The Vipers Graham Turnbull talks to Head Coach Jason McKee about the 3-1 loss to Penticton, the season-to-date and the upcoming trade deadline.


Anonymous said...

He just doesn't get it, he lives in a fog! It is just a lot of rhetoric! Either he is blind or has no hockey sense! I think it is the latter! I know we have had bad, clueless coaches before but he is the worst!

Marty said...

All the typical hockey cliches!!! The Vipers seem like a very fragile group, lacking confidence and are unable to complete simple passes at any speed. Where is the "quick transition, high paced" team we were promised when the Glen's took over? I see lots of panic in our own zone, lots of indecision in the opposing zone and not a lot of teaching on the bench. The two assistants rarely say anything to the players. Are the players incapable of playing the systems McKee has instituted or are they simply not good enough? Either way this team was his selections and it is on him. With the trade deadline looming what will McKee to to gain some consistency? There are probably only a couple of "untouchables" on this roster but the Vipers are not dealing from a position of strength.

Regarding Penticton... they are a team that masters at interference and "picks" and Fred is a master at working the referees. They are in a class of their own again this year.