Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Vipers Record After Twenty Games:

After a strong regular season last year, Vipers fans were expecting more this season. With eleven players returning from last year the Vipers 2018-19 season looked promising. Starting the season with only three wins in their first nine games and sitting near or at the bottom of the Interior Division, the Vipers have had a disappointing season to date.

With only two wins in their last six games and just six wins in their last seventeen games Viper fans are wondering what's wrong in Viperland?

I thought I would look back at some of the previous Vipers seasons after twenty games and where they finished the regular season and compare them to this year's Vipers team after the first twenty games.

Vernon Vipers 2018-19 regular season

First 20 games-8-6-4-2 Finished?

Vernon Vipers 2017-18 regular season

First 20 games-13-4-2-0 Finished 2nd-39-14-1-4

Vernon Vipers 2016-17 regular season

First 20 games-9-9-0-2 Finished 2nd-30-19-5-4

Vernon Vipers 2015-16 regular season

First 20 games-9-10-0-1 Finished 4th-24-31-3-0

Vernon Vipers 2014-15 regular season

First 20 games-10-7-1-1 Finished 2nd-36-18-1-3

Vernon Vipers 2013-14 regular season

First 20 games-10-6-1-3 Finished 3rd-30-18-4-6

Vernon Vipers 2012-13 regular season

First 20 games-7-7-0-6 Finished 6th-21-25-1-9

Vernon Vipers 2011-12 regular season 

First 20 games-13-7-0-0 Finished 5th-30-27-1-2


Anonymous said...

Wait till christmas time by then the players will know each other better and there systems. After that if the still are not doing any better in the win column, make some trades before January 10th. Go, Vipers, GO.

Anonymous said...

I'm optimistically hoping for at least one round of playoffs from our club this year but am not holding my breath.
If I'm being honest, I'm kind of looking at this year as an evaluation year from top to bottom by the new owners so that proper changes can be made next year to move forward into (hopefully) new territory.
We desperately need some scoring and there's no way the coach will be fired with his proven track record of success. But who knows? Maybe that's part of the change that might come next year.

Thanks for posting this article DieHard.

Anonymous said...

Wish comments didn't take so long to be posted. Hard to have a discussion with others who comment not knowing when the comment might appear. By then I've usually lost interest. No disrespect intended, constructive feedback only.