Saturday, May 20, 2017

Second Report From Day 2 At Vipers Spring Camp:

I stopped by Priest Valley Arena this afternoon-evening to catch two out of the three games. Each game-scrimmage consisted of two thirty minute periods with a full ice clean in between periods. A penalty was an automatic penalty shot.

I have had season tickets for the past twenty seven seasons and have been watching Junior hockey in Vernon for close to thirty five years. Here are my thought's from today's Spring Camp.

In the opening game-scrimmage Team Gold defeated Team Black 5-4. Team Gold jumped out to a 4-1 lead after the 1st period before Team Black made things interesting in the 2nd period-second half.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Ryan Buchan (G) 2001 After Team Black allowed four goals in the 1st period, Buchan replaced Billy Cawthorn to start the 2nd period, only giving up one goal, played very well between the pipes.

Evan Hughes (F) 1999 Battled-played physical, had a strong game up for Team Gold.

In the second game-scrimmage of the evening saw Team Blue defeat Team White 6-1. Team Blue was up 3-0 after the 1st period before scoring three more in the 2nd period. Team White couldn't find the offence, missed on two penalty shots.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Geoffrey Drought (G) 2000 Started the game, played well in net for Team Blue didn't allow a goal through thirty minutes.

Jordan Wilde (G) 2000 Replaced Geoffrey Drought to start the 2nd period, also looked good in goal for Team Blue. Was forced to make some big stops in the second half, stopping two penalty shots.

Cole Cripps (D) 1999 Played very well on the backend for Team White. Played physical, was engaged in the play, didn't back down from the rough stuff, was mixing it up on several different occasions.

Side Notes:

Former Vernon Vipers Head Coach Joe Oliver was in attendance.

The arena was pretty much full for the two games.

The third and final game is at 8pm Team Green vs Team Red

Spring Camp will wrap up tomorrow with three games.

8am Black vs Green
10am Blue vs Gold
12pm White vs Red

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