Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 3 Report From Vipers Spring Camp:

I stopped by Priest Valley Arena this morning to catch three final three games of Spring Camp. Each game-scrimmage consisted of two thirty minute periods with a full ice clean in between periods. A penalty was an automatic penalty shot.

I have had season tickets for the past twenty seven seasons and have been watching Junior hockey in Vernon for close to thirty five years. Here are my thought's from today's Spring Camp.

In the opening game-scrimmage Team Green defeated Team Black 6-4. Team Green jumped out to a 2-0 lead, were up by two goals after the first period. Team Black battled back with two quick back to back goals before taking a 3-2 lead. In the end Team Green held on for the 6-4 victory.

Players I thought stood out-played well

James Johnston (G) 2001 Has played very well at camp this weekend. Played well again this morning.

Brendan Mongey (F) 1999 (1 goal) Caught my eye this weekend and played very well this morning. Showed a lot of hustle, battled hard and competed. Played fairly physical at times, wasn't afraid to back down from laying out some hits. Was Blacks best player.

In the second game-scrimmage Team Gold defeated Team Blue 5-2. It was 3-0 Team Gold after the 1st period before having a 4-1 lead in the 2nd.

Players I thought stood out-played well

#9 Is listed as Jaryd Hibbert but was told it wasn't him playing today. Whoever #9 was had a strong game for Team Blue. Carried the puck often, created-generated chances. Looked good.

Aidan Rysen (D) 2000 I thought played fairly well on the blueline for Team Gold.

Lucas Gaudet (D) 2000 Was another defenceman for Team Gold who I thought was fairly good this morning.

In the third and final game-scrimmage from Spring Camp saw Team White defeated Team Red 5-2. It was 4-0 Team Red after thirty minutes before Team White got on the scoreboard in the 2nd period.

No players really stood out in the final game-scrimmage.

I overheard several people talking, several of these kids will be attending the Penticton Vees Spring Camp next weekend.

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