Friday, May 19, 2017

Day 1 Report From Vipers Spring Camp:

I stopped by Priest Valley Arena after work this evening to catch the first day of Vipers Spring Camp. Each game-scrimmage consisted of two thirty minute periods with a full ice clean in between periods. A penalty was an automatic penalty shot.

In the opening game-scrimmage I caught the final eight minutes between Team Black & Team Blue. Team Blue defeated Team Black 5-3. Team Black had a few big kids with good size on their roster.

In the second game-scrimmage Team White defeated Team Green 4-3 in a game-scrimmage where Team White carried the better of the play for most of the game. Team Green's goaltenders saw a lot of rubber-shots, kept their team in the game. Both teams had several kids with good size. The younger brother of former Vernon Vipers forward Matt Saharchuk, Jett Saharchuk is playing for Team White.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team White:

Reese Tambellini (1 goal) Has some size, can skate & move the puck. Scored a great looking back hand goal that went top shelf.

Ryan Cooper Played very well through out the game, had some chances-opportunities, skated well, played hard through out the scrimmage.

Erik Ehrmantraut Is another kid with some good size, had some looks-chances, played very well in the loss.

Team Green:

Luca Olivo Had a very strong game on the blueline. Looked like a veteran d-man out there, was steady through out the scrimmage, played well in the defensive zone, can handle the puck, sees the ice well. Made several smart plays through out the night.

Christian Sanda Stood out at times, looked good with the puck in the offensive zone.

James Johnston Started in goal for Team Green before being replaced by backup netminder James Brendeland. Johnston is a big kid, covers a lot of the net, plays his position well. Made some big stops through out the game. Dosnt give up many second opportunities, reads the play well.

James Brendeland Played the second half of the scrimmage, also was very sharp between the pipes for Team Green. Made some key saves, keeping this game close down the stretch.

In the third and final game-scrimmage of the night saw Team Gold defeat Team Red 5-4 in a back and fourth game with some good pace. The play-teams were more evenly matched. Both teams had several chances at either ends of the rink. Not a lot of size on either team, compared to the previous two games-scrimmages. Both teams with much smaller rosters. Goaltending wasn't nearly as sharp-good as in the first two games-scrimmages.

Players I thought stood out-played well

Team Gold:

Tian Rask Has some size and skill. Showed some skill in and around the net looked impressive through out the game.

Side Notes:

Day two of Spring Camp will continue Saturday starting at 8am

Former Vernon Vipers forward Bryce Kakoske was one of the referee's tonight.

Riley Brandt's dad was helping out tonight, was one of the coaches tonight.

The arena was pretty much full for all three games-scrimmages. I saw a lot of Junior B coaches-scouts in attendance.

It looks like the Vipers have brought in a lot of good talent for this year's Spring Camp. Lots of good players through out camp.

Here is a look at all six team rosters-lineups:

Team Black:

Ryan Buchan (G) 2001
Billy Cawthorn (G) 1998 (Attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season)
Zachary Abenante (D) 2001
Cruz Goodman (D) 2000
Elijah Havers (D) 2001
Justin Miron (D) 1999
Noah Montague (D) 1999
Lucas Ty Eagle (D) 2002
Gavin Mattey (F) 2001
Justin Scott (F) 2001
Liam Drager (F) 2000
Ethan Knutsen (F) 2000
Brendan Mongey (F) 1999
Josh Mead (F) 1998
Alex Lee (F) 1998
Tyson Lampreau (F) 2001
Michael Dys (F) 2002

Team Blue:

Geoffrey Drought (G) 2000 (Attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season)
Jordan Wilde (G) 2000
Quinn Slezak (D) 2000
Harrison William Risdon (D) 2000
Timber Lewis (D) 2001
Tyson Feist (D) 2001
Thomas Spink (D) 1999 (Attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season)
Patrick Norman (D) 1999
Matt Baird (F) 2001
Jaryd Hibbert (F) 2000
Colum McGauley (F) 2000
Damian Coljee-Fehr (F) 2000
Carter Eschyschyn (F) 1999
Kyle Sherwood (F) 1999
Brent Koch (F) 1998
Corey Cunningham (F) 2001
Lane Goodwin (F) 2001
Carter Anderson (F) 2001
Nicholas Cherkowski (F) 2000

Team White:

Braedyn Funke (G) 1999
Noah Desouza (G) 2000
Jacob Bourchier (D) 1999
James Hunter (D) 2000
Lucas Wood (D) 2001
Cole Cripps (D) 1999
Evan Simpson (D) 1999
Kaeden Patrick (F) 2000
Brayden Leifker-Lloyd (F) 2000
Reese Tambellini (F) 2000
Jett Saharchuk (F) 2000
Ryan Butler (F) 1999
Julien Dewey (F) 1999
Ryan Cooper (F) 1998
Eric Noren (F) 2001
Mason McLeod (F) 2001
Erik Ehrmantraut (F) 1999
Flynn Perry (F) 2000 (Attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season)

Team Green:

James Brendeland (G) 1999
James Johnston (G) 2001
Lucas Yesaki (D) 2001
Will Dow-Kenny (D) 2000
Myles Whiteside (D) 2001
John Jebamani (D) 1999
Luca Olivo (D) 1998
Isaac Dutka (D) 1999
Luke Harvie (F) 2000 (Attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season)
Nicolas Cirelli (F) 2000
Breckin Erichuk (F) 2000
Jesse Belley (F) 1999
Ethan Trampuh (F) 1999
Logan Morris (F) 1999
Nicholas Teale (F) 2002
Colby Feist (F) 2002
Christian Sanda (F) 1998 (Attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season)
Kristopher Zachary Gibson (F) 2001

Team Red:

Johnny Derrick (G) 2001
Benjamin Colvin (G) 1999
Kyler Shmigelsky (D) 2000
Tyson Soobotin (D) 2000
Zach Cunningham (D) 2001
Lucas Kyle Patton (D) 1999
Robert Wallace (D) 2002
Mitch Andres (D) 1998
Corey Stormer (F) 2000
Owen Reith (F) 1999
Kaden Meszaros (F) 2001
Marc Pasemko (F) 1999
Dean Whitcomb (F) 1999
Blain Worthing (F) 2001
Clark Nelson (F) 2000
Tyson Mitchell (F) 2001
Ty Tippett (F) 2000
Will Reimer (F) 2001

Team Gold:

Kyle Hornock (G) 1998
Conor Webb (G) 1999
Adam Johnson (D) 2000 (Attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season)
Aidan Rysen (D) 2000 (Attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season)
Travis Szafrom (D) 2001
Greg Susinski (D) 1999
Austin Joseph Miller (D) 1998
Lucas Gaudet (D) 2000 (Attended the Vipers Spring Camp last season)
Ethan Grover (F) 2000
Kyle Moore (F) 2000
Tian Rask (F) 1999
Ethan Jones (F) 2001
Evan Hughes (F) 1999
Jake Gudjonson (F) 1999
Ethan Schaeffer (F) 2001
Nicholas Bolin (F) 2001
Yewta Plamondon (F) 2001
Brendon Jorssen (F) 2001

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