Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brandt Suspended:

This is posted on the 107.5 Kiss FM website:

Vipers Captain Suspended

Posted on 11/3/2016

by Pete McIntyre

The BC Hockey league has issued a ten game suspension to Vernon Viper captain Riley Brandt.

It was for a hit on Merritt's Michael Van Unen in a game Saturday where Brandt received a charging major and two game misconducts.

The Vipers say they are appealing the suspension.

The BC Hockey League has not returned our request for comment on the suspension. posted the video of Brandt's hit yesterday,

This is posted on the BCHL website:

3-Nov-16-During the game on October 29th involving Vernon vs Merritt, the Vipers Riley Brandt was assessed a major penalty for charging. This play was reviewed as per BCHL regulations. After review it was determined that this play was consistent with a Blow to the Head under regulation 1.1 Illegal Act in the Jr A Supplement. Brandt has previously been warned for increasing accumulation totals under the Jr A Supplement. In addition he was previously suspended for a major penalty for a Blow to the Head. Riley Brandt has been suspended 10 games – this decision is pending an appeal from the Vernon Vipers.


Anonymous said...

Riley Brandt has a history behind him. I thought he would change his style of play in a more intelligent way and it started out that way. But he is a loose cannon and with his emotional style of play you never know what he is going to do next. I think personally it is time to have him traded. A team on the coast would probably love to have him but as a team player he will cost you games and I say Mark Ferner wakeup before its is too late.

Unknown said...

Not a fan of this hit, and I'm a Vipers fan. It wasn't necessary, he left his feet and it was late. The Merritt defenseman wasn't prepared because he wasn't expecting to be hit either, and he had a right to think that way imo.

Not sure if it deserved 10's not like it was from behind, but I'm fine with it.

I think I would've been happy with 3-5 games, 10 may have been overkill.

Unknown said...

Just noticed he has a history with head shots and these sort of I'm changing my mind about my other comment about overkill on 10 games suspension. This seems like a fair disciplinary action.
I also agree with the other comments about being a loose cannon and an emotional player. I like emotion and I think its important, but it needs to be in check, and for young men at this age that can be hard to do.
But as the Captain....he better learn quickly. Can't lead a team from the stands!