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BCHL Reviewing Brandt Hit:

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BCHL Reviewing Hit 10-29-16

Posted by HockeyTube on Nov 2nd, 2016

BCHL Reviewing Hit 10-29-16 – The BC Hockey league has spent the last three days looking into a questionable hit that took place during a Vernon Vipers hockey game against the Merritt Centennials. Just past the midway mark of the 3rd period Vernon forward #12 Riley Brandt delivers what was called a charging penalty against a Centennial player. Brand received a 5-minute major for charging, 5-minutes for fighting and two game misconducts.

Now the league is looking into the hit to see if there should be additional disciplinary action taken against the Trail native for that hit. According to a story written by Mantar Bhandal:

Vipers captain Riley Brandt left his feet to drill Michael Van Unen into the boards well behind play. Van Unen laid motionless for a few moments before eventually skating off under his own power. Martin said that was one of the dirtiest hits he’d seen.

“He charges from the blue line, leaves his feet, hits a guy who’s in a vulnerable position, while the puck is already way out of the zone. The Vipers bench cheered the hit, laughed at our guy. It’s the most disrespectful thing I’ve gone through this season. I’m going to do what I can to make sure that kid gets suspended for as long as possible. I used to like Riley Brandt. Not anymore. He’s a dirty hockey player.”

We will report any suspension, once the league makes it’s determination.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the game. I saw the hit. Brandt made a hit on the west side of the face off circle just above the icing line then turned seeing the puck passed behind the goalie to the east corner of the rink. Brandt turned, skated full tilt, fullll tilt, at least 70 feet to hit the Cents player. He left his feet, drilled and I mean drilled the Cents player into the boards hitting the player's head with his shoulder. The Cents player was down for more than a "few seconds". At least three infractions took place: charging, boarding, hit to the head along with intent to injure. This has been Brandt's MO. I've watched him for the last couple of years. He often takes more than three strides to nail a player. It's called charging and the Refs let it go. He is a good player. Skates well, handles the puck well, can score yet he's a cement head when it comes to self discipline. The play of a player on the ice is the responsibility of the Coach.