Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Repairs Continue At Vernon's Kal Tire Place:

This was in todays Morning Star Newspaper:

Repairs continue at Vernon's Kal Tire Place
by  Richard Rolke - Vernon Morning Star

Sep 7, 2016

Repairs continue after a wave of water and sewer washed into Kal Tire Place.

Restoration crews and City of Vernon staff have been busy since a main break forced contaminated water to infiltrate the lower level of the arena Saturday.

“It went all of the way from the north end and along the hallway where the dressing rooms are to the west side,” said Doug Ross, director of recreation services.

The flood led to Saturday’s Vernon Vipers game being cancelled.

“It’s a very unfortunate thing that happened but we’re very lucky. Things were on pallets or concrete footings so no equipment was damaged,” said Ross.

However, about 10,000-square-feet of flooring has been ripped up.

“There are also some storage rooms where water leaked in,” said Ross.

“It will take weeks to get the flooring in. We have to find a supplier with that amount of flooring.”

Disinfection and cleaning has been a focus, and air scrubbers have eliminated any lingering odour. Environmental testing will be done throughout Kal Tire Place to ensure there is no bacteria left behind.

It’s anticipated the lower level of the arena will be open for the Sept. 10 Vipers game.

“There’s nothing wrong with the ice,” said Ross, adding that temporary flooring may be installed to ensure skates are not damaged on the concrete.

All Kal Tire Place ice users have been moved to the Priest Valley Arena until Wednesday, while public skates and shinny hockey have been cancelled until at least next week.

The main level of Kal Tire Place has not been impacted by the flood or repairs.

“It’s business as usual. There are walkers going around the concourse,” said Ross.

It’s not known how much the damages cost and it’s likely the city’s insurance will help with repair expenses depending on the deductible.

The water break main break occurred near 35A Street and 40th Avenue.

“Significant flooding resulted from the break,” said Tanya Laing Gahr, the city’s communications officer.

“Water filled the sewer system and pump stations were over capacity.”

About 50 residences lost access to water.

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