Monday, September 5, 2016

Blog Enters Ninth Season:

Hello Vipers/Hockey fans!  Welcome to another season of Vipers hockey!  With the Vipers pre-season coming to an end over the long weekend, for any new viewers or followers let me introduce myself.

I was born and raised in Vernon, BC and have been watching Junior hockey in Vernon for close to thirty five years now.  My family has been following-watching Junior hockey in Vernon since the late 1950s.  I have two family members that played Junior hockey in Vernon as well as a few friends. I have had season tickets for the past 27 years.  This year is my 27th season with season tickets.  I purchased my first set of season tickets in 1990, since then I have missed only 42 home games.  I have missed just three home games since 1999.  The last home game I missed was in 2009.  I attended the 1990 Centennial Cup in Vernon, watching the Lakers win their first National Championship.  I have also travelled and went to the 2009 Royal Bank Cup in Victoria, the 2010 Royal Bank Cup in Dauphin and the 2011 Royal Bank Cup in Camrose & of course was at the 2014 RBC Cup here in Vernon.  I helped out as color commentator with the Vipers during the 2003-04 season doing some games over the internet and for five seasons (2011-2015) helped out with updating the Vipers website through out the years.

This will be the ninth season of my Vipersdiehardfan Blog.  I started this blog in December of 2008 and since then I have had over 1,103,000 viewers-viewers visit this site.  

During the upcoming Vipers season I will try my best at keeping Viper fans updated through the year.  Over the course of this season I will keep fans in the loop with Game previews, scores, game recaps, newspaper articles, trades, roster moves, game highlight's, videos, alumni updates and much much more.

Thanks to all of you for visiting this site and your continued support!  I cant thank you enough!  



Anonymous said...

Well done!!! Your Blog is one of my first reads ever morning. As a 20+ year season ticket holder I find it challenging to keep up on Vipers news, they do not tell the fans very much. It must be hard to find news or interesting stories to Blog. Please keep up the good work, looking forward to another year.

vipersdiehardfan said...

Thank you! Its great to hear fans like yourself enjoy-read my blog! Without you the fans-viewers this blog wouldn't exist. I try my best at keeping fans up to date and in the know as much as I can. Its a lot of work and countless hours. Thanks again for the comment and checking out my blog.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your hardwork and dedication! My go-to source for all things vipers. Here's to hopefully a new fun and entertaining season!
Go Vipers!

vipersdiehardfan said...

Thank you very much! Much appreciated! Most people don't realize how much work, dedication and time it takes to keep a blog going. I spend endless hours a day-week preparing and researching stats, stories and videos. Thanks again for the comments and being a regular viewer.