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Former Viper Morgan Channels His Inner Hulk Hogan With Another Character, Tony Tombstone:

Here is an article I found on former Vernon Vipers defenceman Nyjer Morgan.

Morgan is in his first season with the Cleveland Indians.  Morgan signed a Minor League contract with the Indians on January 16th 2014 before earning a roster spot with the Major League Club on March 24th 2014. Morgan returns to the Majors after playing last season in Japan where he spent the 2013-14 season with the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Yokohama DeNa BayStars. 

Morgan signed with the BayStars on January 23rd 2013 after spending the previous two seasons with the MLB Milwaukee Brewers before electing free agency, a day after the Brewers hastened his departure by outrighting him from the 40-man roster.

Morgan was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 33rd round of the 2002 Major League Baseball Draft. On September 1st 2007 Morgan made his major league debut for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the Milwaukee Brewers as a late-season call-up. On June 30 2009 Morgan was traded to the Washington Nationals along with pitcher Sean Burnett in exchange for outfielder Lastings Milledge and pitcher Joel Hanrahan. On March 27 2011 Morgan was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for prospect Cutter Dykstra (son of baseball player Lenny Dykstra). Morgan played for three MLB teams, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Washington before heading to Japan.
Morgan attended the Vernon Vipers Training camp in 1996-97. Morgan played as an "AP" as a 16 year old with the Vipers during the (1996-1997) season while playing with the KIJHL North Okanagan Kings.

Nyjer Morgan's Player Profile:


This was posted on the Cleveland.com website:

Nyjer Morgan channels his inner Hulk Hogan with another character, Tony Tombstone

By Zack Meisel, Northeast Ohio Media Group

May 13, 2014

Clubhouse confidential: Nyjer Morgan sprinted to one end of the clubhouse and leaned back. Then he bolted to the opposite side and did the same. Finally, he retreated to his starting point, motioned his arms, lifted his left elbow and dropped to the ground.

Michael Bourn's toddler son, Bryson, stared and smiled.

Morgan then dashed to one end of the clubhouse, leaned back, zoomed back toward his starting point, extended his right leg high in the air and dropped to the ground. He turned his body to pin an imaginary opponent, who sprung free from Morgan's grasp before an imaginary referee could count to three. Morgan held up two fingers.

Bryson Bourn received a tutorial about some of Morgan's favorite wrestling moves on Tuesday afternoon. The lesson included demonstrations of The Rock's "People's Elbow" and Hulk Hogan's "Leg Drop." The two discussed potential wrestling names for Bourn, but couldn't come up with a catchy one to their liking. Morgan said his own wrestling persona is Tony Tombstone -- a play off his alter ego, Tony Plush -- and his finishing move is the "T Frog Splash."

Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher jumped in on the wrestling conversation at one point. Both listed the Ultimate Warrior as their favorite wrestler growing up. Morgan opted for Hogan.

For his at-bat music at Progressive Field, Morgan uses the theme made popular by WWE superstar Daniel Bryan.

"My wife and I we were kicking back and watching 'Monday Night RAW' and Daniel Bryan came on and I kind of got a little [hyped] from him," Morgan said last month after he changed his song to that tune.

Morgan said he watched plenty of wrestling in the '90s, but drifted away from it about 10 years ago. A few months ago, his interest in the sport resurfaced.

First time: For the first time, Luis and Maria Carrasco watched their son pitch professionally in person. Carlos Carrasco's parents trekked to Tampa from their home in Venezuela and sat near the bullpen for Saturday's game, during which the right-hander tossed 1 2/3 scoreless innings in a 7-1 loss to the Rays.

"They've never seen me pitch," Carrasco said, "so I felt a little different since I knew my parents were there. They were very happy."

Carrasco said his parents stayed in Tampa while the Indians journeyed to Toronto. This weekend, they will meet him in Cleveland, where they will stay for about a week. Carrasco said they have never been to Ohio. The forecast calls for temperatures in the 50s this weekend beside Lake Erie. Carrasco's parents are accustomed to mid-to-upper 80s in Venezuela.

"Every time we play on a road trip, it's hot," Carrasco said, laughing. "When we come home, it's cold."

Stat of the day: The Indians' pitching staff entered Tuesday action ranked first with 338 strikeouts, on pace for a franchise record.

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