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Easty Catches Up With Former Vipers Defenceman Perkins:

Easty a Edinburgh Capitals hockey writer for a hockey blog interview's former Vernon Vipers defenceman Sean Perkins in February. 

From 2007-2012 Perkins played in five different leagues. The ECHL, CHL, EIHL, Denmark & Division 1 in Sweden & with eight different teams. The Cincinnati Cyclones, Greenville Road Warriors, Idaho Steelheads, Edinburgh Capitals, Missouri Mavericks, Allen Americans, Odense Bulldogs & Vimmerby HC. 

Perkins now retired hasn't played hockey since the 2011-12 season is now a Mortgage Loan Officer and coaching a youth AAA hockey team in Detroit, Michigan.

Perkins played one season in Vernon (2006-07) collecting (7-goals-27-assists-34-points) in 38 regular season games with the Vipers.

Sean Perkins Player Profile:

This was posted on a hockey blog:

Easty catches up with….

Former Edinburgh Capitals and Murrayfield Racers player interviews

Sean Perkins


Number – #11
Nationality – American
Season with Club – 2008-2010
Position – Defence
Height & Weight – 5’9″, 181lbs
Caps Stats – GP46 G10 A12 TP22 PIM61

You were born in Commerce, Miami, USA. What are your earliest memories of being on the ice learning to skate and play hockey ? Skating on a nearby lake with my dad who taught me to skate. I loved it. Once I touched the ice my parents couldn’t get me off it. 

While playing junior hockey you iced with Texarkana Bandits and Cleveland Barons of the NAHL. Lincoln Stars of the USHL and Vernon Vipers in the BCHL. Thinking back to that time who was the best player you played with or against in junior ? The best player I played against in junior hockey was Patrick Kane. He was on another level from everyone. Basically I tried everything I could do for him to not make a complete fool out of me. His skill was unbelievable and he knew what was going to happen before anyone else.

You stepped up to play pro signing with Cincinnati Cyclones in season 2007-08. How did you find the transition from junior to pro ? The transition from junior to pro was difficult. The biggest thing that first year was that everyone was good. Everyone was bigger and stronger so you had to learn how to play with no space on the ice and how to use your smarts more than trying to out muscle other players. 

Two names that stick out from the Cyclones roster that year are former Caps goalie Cody Rudkowsky and NHL star David Desharnais. What are your memories of both they players at that time in their careers ? Cody Rudkowsky was only with us for a couple of months that season so, but was a really good guy and good goalie. He was a good leader and veteran presence in the locker room. David Desharnais was our best player every night and the hardest worker. He was a nightmare to go against in practice. His hockey sense was off the charts and he made all of us better players when he was on the ice with us. It was amazing with his small size how strong on the puck he was. Guys would continually take runs at him with the puck and he would put them on their backs as he would spin off and go to the net.

You won the Kelly Cup that season in the ECHL. Tell us what is the Kelly Cup and just how great was it to win a championship your first year pro ? The Kelly Cup is the Championship for minor pro hockey in the ECHL. It was incredible. We had a really talented team and were a close group. It was such a fun experience. 

The following season you started off in the ECHL again with Cincinnati before you arrived here in Edinburgh for your first spell with the Caps. How did this move comeabout ? The move to Edinburgh came about pretty quickly. Doug Christiansen had talked to my agent and within a few days I was hoping on a plane.

What are your memories of the team that season and what players stuck out for you on the Caps roster ? We had a good team with a great group of guys. I had a blast. I lived with Mark Hurtubise and Adam Stefishen. Both were great guys. Stefishen and I were more often than not together doing something with a lot of the other guys. Jason Cassells, Joe Dustin, Kyle Horne, Mark Garside, Pasi Raitanen…the list goes on. They were some real characters, great guys and we had a lot of laughs. 

You really impressed the Caps fans that season but you decided to return back home to North America to sign in the CHL with Missouri Mavericks and Allen Americans at the start of the 2009-10 season. Had you spoke to the Caps through that summer about returning ? I had spoken to the Caps throughout the summer, but we were not able to work anything out. I wanted to give it another shot at going up through the ranks in North America.

As 2010 approached you again returned to the Caps in what was a very great season for the club. From the team that year who really impressed you ? That year we had another tight knit team. Really everyone had a different set of skills and brought something to help the team. I’d say the two most impressive were Lambert and Fussey. Both were different players, but really had a knack for making plays and putting points up. 

How did you feel that spell went for you as a team ? I thought the season went well. I remember wishing we were able to make it a little further in the playoffs, but we had a good run.

If I remember correctly I’m sure the fans all put money together to pay for your flights, ITC card and wages for the remanider of that season. Was this correct and how much did that mean to you ? I remember hearing that from Doug and I couldn’t believe it. It meant a ton that the fans were willing to do that for me and wanted me back. I was honored. 

Away from the rink how much did you enjoy Edinburgh as a city to live in and what did you do in your spare time ? Away from the rink I really enjoyed Edinburgh. It was such a great city with good people and amazing history. I did a little bit of everything from seeing the sights to checking out local bars and restaurants. We used to go watch or make Mark Garside play guitar in local establishments. My only regret is not going to play golf at the nearby legendary courses. 

How much did you enjoy your two years in Edinburgh both playing and living as a whole ? As a whole I loved my time in Edinburgh and hope I can go back to visit someday. The Hockey was great and Doug Christiansen was a great guy and fun to play for. 

2010-11 you moved to Denmark to play a season with Odense Bulldogs. Had you considered a third spell at the Caps ? That offseason I didn’t really speak or get any calls from the Caps as I believe Doug had moved on to a new team. I would definitely have considered it.

How much did you enjoy Denmark to live and play ? Denmark was overall a great place on and off the ice. I spent a ton of time with the other import on our team, Greg Jacina, and it was some great hockey. The first part of the season was great, but halfway through the year I had a bad injury and struggled the rest of the season with it, so that was the only down side. 

2011-12 was to be your last year as a pro player starting off in Sweden playing 10 games with Vimmerby HC. What was that spell like for you over there ? That was a tough year. The injuries were piling up and taking a toll and I didn’t seem to have the ability to do the things I felt I could.

You rounded it up playing back in the ECHL 4 games in Greenville and 8 games in Idaho. How tough was it finally hanging up the skates ? It was a difficult decision to hang up the skates, but was made a bit easier as doctors were telling me I had to be done. They sort of made the decision for me. It was tough, but I was lucky enough to get to play the game a long time, meet some great people along the way and play a kids game for a living. 

Do you miss playing these days ? I do miss the game a bit, I don’t think that the competitive side ever goes away, but I can look fondly back at a lot of things in my career. 

What is going on in the life of Sean Perkins now ? Since stopping to play I helped run a hockey academy for a few years. Now I am currently working as a Mortgage Loan Officer and coaching a youth AAA hockey team in Detroit, Michigan.

Looking back what was the highlight of your career ? That’s a tough question. I’ve got a lot of great memories, but usually the team highlights are what I remember the most like winning the Championship in Cincinnati. The goal I scored for the Caps on a pass from Jason Cassells that I believe sent us to the playoffs is right up there. 

Do you ever check up on how things are going these days in Edinburgh ? I lead a pretty busy schedule, but every once in a while I will check up on how things are going with the Caps and how all my old teammates are doing. 

Finally do you have a message for the Caps fans ? Thank you for all of the support and I miss you guys! Cheers!

Date of Interview – February 2018

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