Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Day 2 Report From Vipers Training Camp:

I have had season tickets for 29 years and been following junior hockey in Vernon for over 35 years. I have missed only three home games since the 1998-99 season. Here are my thought's from training camp.
I stopped by Kal Tire Place this evening to check in on Day 2 from Vipers training camp. Each game/scrimmage consisted of two twenty five minute periods with a full ice clean in between periods. A penalty was an automatic penalty shot.
Day 2 of training camp saw two games-scrimmages.

Starting Goaltenders:

Team Gold:

Johnny Derrick (Started-Allowed two goals in the 1st period) 
Liam McGrava played the 2nd period, allowing four goals.

Team Red:

Jonathan Holloway (Started-Allowed four goals in the opening frame)
Aidan Hosein allowed three goals in the second period. 

I was unable to catch the first scrimmage/game this morning but went to the second and final game-scrimmage this evening. Tonight saw Team Gold defeat Team Red 7-6 in front of around 125 fans. Team Gold opened the scoring and had a 4-2 lead after the 1st period. I thought both teams were fairly even. Team Red had troubles hitting the net-capitalizing on their chances.In the 2nd and final period saw Team Gold jump out to a 7-4 lead before Team Red battled back scoring late to get within a goal but couldn't mount the comeback. Ayodeji Ajayi,  Cody Flann & Brendan Kim were all stopped on 2nd period penalty shots. Team Gold carried a lot of the play in the second frame, had a ton of offensive zone time. Tonight's game/scrimmage was much more entertaining compared to the opening game-scrimmage last night. I saw a lot more skill tonight and more plays happening. I noticed a lot of speed and skill tonight. 

Here is a list of players I thought stood out-played well

Team Gold:

Nicholas Ardanaz (1 goal) Looked very solid on the blueline. Has committed to the Vipers for the 2019-20 season, was moving the puck well, quick on his feet, made some nice moves, was going to the net and generating some offensive opportunities.

Logan Cash Caught my eye on a few shifts. Is quick, seemed to work hard-go to the net. 

Team Red:

Michael Young Played well on defence. Will be returning for a second season with the Vipers.

Coleton Bilodeau Looked very solid up front. Was hard on the puck and hard to knock off the puck down low. Was driving to the net often, was going to the grey area often. Will be returning to the Snakes for a second season.

Connor Marritt (3 goals) Looked to have put on some size, was really flying this evening, scored three goals, looked good in the win.

Alex Swetlikoff (1 goal) Scored on a penalty shot, looked good at times through out the scrimmage.

News & Notes:

The Wray family was in attendance tonight as were all three Viper coaches

The Vipers have 12 players returning from last years team, also have seven 20 year olds, meaning one has to go

Three games-scrimmages go tomorrow

8am Team Gold vs Team White
11am Team Red vs Team Blue
4pm Team Red vs Team Gold

I went over the Vipers training camp roster-lineup sheet and have put together the current Vipers roster involving players returning from last year, new recruits-committed players & players acquired in trades. I have counted seventeen players, who are either returning from last year, acquired in a trade or recruited-committed. I don't have a full list of the players who were recruited-or committed but do know of four players for sure. This would put the Vipers roster at 17 players, meaning they only have five open roster spots to fill their upcoming roster.

Returning Players:


Josh Prokop (2000)
Jagger Williamson (1998)
Connor Marritt (1999)
Jesse Lansdell (1998)
Alex Swetlikoff (2001)
Keyvan Mokhtari (1998)
Coleton Bilodeau (2000)
Josh Latta (1998)
Elan Bar-Lev-Wise (2001)


Michael Young (1998)
Jack Judson (2000)
Mitch Andres (1998)

Players acquired in trades:

Carver Watson (1998)

New recruits-Committed players:

Teddy Wooding (1999)
Nick Wildgrove (1999)
Logan Cash (1999)
Aidan Porter (1999)


Anonymous said...

Does that mean those four are for sure on the team? When was it announced they were committed? Was it a verbal commitment?

vipersdiehardfan said...

No that does not mean the new recruits have automatically made the team. The Morning Star website reported them as new recruits. In all the years I have been watching junior hockey in Vernon not many recruits-committed players are cut/or released before the start of the regular season. I have seen a few in the last few years though, so it can happen.