Friday, July 14, 2017

Mark Ferner On New Acquisitions

This is posted on the Vipers website:

Vipers Acquire Two Veteran Players

July 13, 2017

by Vernon Vipers

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Vernon, B.C.  July 13th, 2017 – The Vernon Vipers are excited to announced the acquisition of two veteran BCHL players for the 2017-18 season. The Vipers traded Luke Gingras and future considerations to Alberni Valley for the the rights to forward Jordan Sandhu and then aquired forward Keyvan Mokhtari from the Victoria Grizzlies. Both players are skilled players that will bring some offence to the Viper line-up.

Jordan Sandhu, an 18-year-old from Richmond, has already earned a scholaship from Arizona State University. The quick footed forward racked up 70 points including 55 assists in two seasons with the Alberni Valley Bulldogs.

Meanwhile, 19-year-old Keyvan Mokhtari scored 19 goals and had 17 assists in just 47 games with the Victoria Grizzlies. He will also be playing NCAA hockey in 2018-19 after earning a scholarship to Colorado College.

The Vernon Vipers would like to wish Luke Gingras all the best in his future hockey endeavors and the team is looking forward to an exciting 2017-18 season.


vipersdiehardfan said...

Mark Ferner mentions losing key veterans-players like Steven Jandric & Jimmy Lambert and both Jordan Sandhu & Keyvan Mokhtari will replace those two. The newspaper reported months back a possible seven players returning from last years team. (Brett Stapley, Jagger Williamson, Niko Karamanis, Jesse Lansdell, Michael Ufberg, Shane Kelly & Chris Jandric) wich means the Vipers are going to have some big holes to fill. If you look at the possible returning players coming back, the Snakes are going to need scoring-offence and of course bring in a veteran/#1 goaltender. Looks like the Vipers will need two goaltenders this coming season. Mark Ferner & the Vipers coaching staff better have done their homework and hopefully bringing in some top end recruits for this coming season. It looks like Penticton has a possible fourteen players returning from last years Royal Bank Cup team and with Wenatchee joining the Interior Division this season, the top two spots could easily be won by Penticton/Wenatchee before the season even starts. 3rd, 4th & 5th spots are going to be a dog fight. Most if not all teams have been super busy over the off season announcing trades, new players, new recruits etc minus the Vipers. Very interesting to see what recruiting-new players the Snakes have coming in this season.

Anonymous said...

have a nice day mark ferner you a winner

graham king said...

He is a good coach who will not reveal his hand on his intention until he has too. Much like a good poker play. So when Mark shows what he has got , I hope it all comes up aces.

The Chipman said...

Thanks to the Vipersdiehardfan for all your updates on the BCHL & the little bit of news that comes from the Vipers Den. Maybe you could take over the Vipers web site because it sucks. Every team in the BCHL has a more updated site than our Snakes. Please can you take it over!,,

vipersdiehardfan said...

Thanks Chipman! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. Thanks for being an avid reader of the blog. I ran the Vipers website for five seasons from 2011-2016 until Hockey tech took over and now runs every team website through out the league. I didn't have much say when running the website. I was in charge of changing profile pictures, profiles-bios, adding league news and Vipers news, minus trades-roster news. My blog is very successful because I cover the Vipers like nobody else. I try and do my best in covering the Vipers as best I can. It takes a lot of work and many many long hours, producing the blog. Searching-looking for news-alumni news takes several long hours on its own, not including preparing my game preciews and then doing my game recap after every game. Its a lot of work but something I enjoy and love doing. Thanks again for your suggestion and thoughts, wich are always appreciated and again thank you & the many others for your continued support of my blog.