Friday, March 10, 2017

Vernon Vipers Skill Competition: Team Hanson 24 Team Taylor 22

I was at the Vipers skill competition tonight as Team Hanson defeated Team Taylor 24-22 in front of about 250 fans at Kal Tire Place.

Each competition win was rewarded one point.

Puck Control Relay:

Mike Ufberg vs Brody Dale
Cooper Watson vs Jesse Lansdell
Simona Sagissor vs Chris Jandric
Jagger Williamson vs Jimmy Lambert
Niko Karamanis vs Austin Adamson
Cameron Trott vs Steven Jandric
Brett Stapley vs Ryan Brushett

*Didn't record the winners

Accuracy Shooting:

Jagger Williamson vs Stevem Jandric (Winner) Jagger Williamson
Riley Brandt vs Austin Adamson (Winner) Austin Adamson
Mike Ufberg vs Ryan Brushett (Winner) Mike Ufberg
Luke Gingras vs Brody Dale (Winner) Brody Dale

Fastest Skater:

Niko Karamanis vs Chris Jandric (Winner) Niko Karamanis
Sol Seibel vs Hunter Zandee (Winner) Sol Seibel
Simon Sagissor vs Connor Clouston (Winner) Simon Sagissor
Brett Stapley vs Jimmy Lambert (Winner) Jimmy Lambert

Hardest Shot:

Cameron Trott vs Connor Clouston (Winner) Cameron Trott
Luke Gingras vs Shane Kelly (Winner) Luke Gingras
Riley Brandt vs Hunter Zandee (Winner) Riley Brandt
Cooper Watson vs Jesse Lansdell (Winner) Cooper Watson

Breakaway Challenge

Groups of 3 players from each team will shoot on opposing goalie one at a time. Each shooter will be given 2 pucks for 2 shots each starting from centre ice.

Mike Ufberg, Cooper Watson, Cameron Trott
Sol Seibel, Brett Stapley (1), Jagger Williamson (1)
Riley Brandt, Simon Sagissor, Niko Karamanis
Luke Gingras (1), Riley Brandt (2), Brett Stapley
Shane Kelly (1), Ryan Brushett, Austin Adamson (1)
Hunter Zandee (1), Jesse Lansdell (1), Jimmy Lambert
Connor Clouston (1), Steven Jandric, Brody Dale (1)
Chris Jandric (1), Hunter Zandee (1), Austin Adamson

Team Hanson:

Mike Ufberg
Cooper Watson
Cameron Trott
Sol Seibel
Brett Stapley
Jagger Williamson
Riley Brandt
Simon Sagissor
Niko Karamanis
Luke Gingras
Darion Hanson
Austin Seibel (Peewee)
Jace Weir (Peewee)
KT Walters (Bantam)
Jarrod Feist (Peewee)
Colby Feist (Bantam)
Steel Quiring (Bantam)
Coltan Boomer (Scorehawks)
Jackson Cooper (Scorehawks)
Coltan Loewen (Scorehawks)

Team Taylor:

Shane Kelly
Ryan Brushett
Austin Adamson
Hunter Zandee
Jesse Lansdell
Jimmy Lambert
Connor Clouston
Steven Jandric
Brody Dale
Chris Jandric
Ty Taylor
Kobe Grant (Bantam)
Cam Moger (Bantam)
Connor Elliott (Bantam)
Nick Noren (Peewee)
Austin Roest (Peewee)
Braeden Mcammond (Bantam)
Jacob Boden (Bantam)
Jonah Donnelly (Scorehawks)
David Erickson (Scorehawks)

Tonight's skill competition went for about an hour and a half and thought it was very well presented. With no Vipers hockey for the past two weeks, this was a great chance to get out and watch the boys show off their skills. Thanks to Vipers assistant coach Kevin Pederson for the idea-putting this event on. This was a great idea and I hope the Vipers do this or something like this again next year. I think with some advertising and maybe a 7pm start time, you may have got more fans out.

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