Thursday, March 30, 2017

BCHL Interior Conference Lovefest Video:

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BCHL Interior Conference Lovefest

March 28, 2017 HockeyTube

BCHL Interior Conference Lovefest – Yep…we are being sarcastic! Anyone familiar with the BCHL Junior A Hockey league,  would know that one of the top rivalries that goe
s back decades is between the two cities located in the Okanagan Valley. Since the league’s inception in 1967, the two teams have met 22 times in the post season.

Even in the past 16 years Vernon and Penticton have combined to win 7 league titles. It’s safe to say the coaching staffs and the fans in each city are very aware of the rivalry…so we put this together as a bit of a loving tribute to the teams.

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