Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Flood At Kal Tire Place Costs Over $193,000

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Flood costs over $193,000

Kate Bouey - Feb 6, 2017

A flood at Kal Tire Place caused by a water main break in the Alexis Park area has cost in excess of $193,000 in repairs so far, according to Doug Ross, head of recreation services for the City of Vernon.

That figure does not include the costs for the restoration company brought in after the flood last Sept. 3, Ross said in a memo to city council.

Sewer water swept through the lower portion of the arena after the water main break. Some nearby houses were also affected.

Ross is asking for permission to take $51,666 out of the recreation facility operating reserve fund “to cover the unbudgeted and unanticipated costs associated with the replacement of a major air handling unit at Kal Tire Place, the deductible for the insurance claim and replacement flooring purchased for the flood at Kal Tire Place.”

“The claim is not yet finalized, but the costs associated with the flood are now in excess of $193,000 not including the costs for the restoration company," said Ross. "The deductible for the insurance claim is $10,000.”

As part of getting the facility back to normal, 5,300 square feet of temporary flooring was purchased but the insurer will only reimburse a portion of the cost.

Then, in late September, just before hosting the Kraft Hockeyville game, a major air handling unit ceased working and had to be replaced.

“These costs were unbudgeted and unanticipated and have severely impacted the operating budget for Kal Tire Place,” Ross said.

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