Saturday, August 1, 2020

Episode 17 Vernon Vipers Voices With Riley Guenther

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July 31 2020

Episode 17 of Vipers Voices is available now! Our guest this week is Riley Guenther. #OneGoal

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vipersdiehardfan said...

I watched Riley's interview last night. I really enjoy learning how a player/young kid knows what league he wants to play in at such a young age and the pressure it is on these young kids. It sounded like Riley may have stuck around in the Western Hockey League for his full career if maybe he would have had the same coach for more then one season. It sounded like every year he went into training camp with a new head coach. That has to be very tough and difficult not only for the player but for the new coach as well. I never got the opportunity to meet/or talk to Riley but he sounds like a very mature and well liked young man. I really enjoy these videos/interviews. Thanks to the Vipers & Graham Turnbull for doing these every Friday. It would be great to hear some stories from some of the older days, going back to players that played for the Vernon Lakers or even a little further back with the Vernon Vikings, Essos, Blades or Canadians. I would really enjoy there stories and see how different Junior hockey was back in the old days.