Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 3 From Vipers Training Camp:

I stopped by Kal Tire Place tonight for the final day of Vipers Training Camp.

Team White defeated Team Blue 6-4 in the first game-scrimmage of the night. It was 1-1 after the 1st period and tied 2-2 after the 2nd period before Team White scored four third period goals to come away with the 6-4 victory. This game was actually pretty close for most parts until Viper veteran Riley Brandt scored three third period goals to lead Team White to the win. Viper veteran Darren Rizzolo got tangled up in the corner, mixed it up with a player on Team Blue. Viper veterans Riley Brandt & Jimmy Lambert exchanged words with Viper veteran Jagger Williamson on the way to the benches, as there was a little more edge in tonight's game. 

Riley Mathieson started in goal for Team White, allowed just one goal before being replaced by backup goaltendert Cole Demers halfway through the game. Demers would give up three goals in the second half.

Team White Goals:

Riley Brandt (4)
Justin Lee
(I missed one goal-Didn't catch the # who scored)

Gavin Hubbard was the lone goaltender for Team Blue, played the entire game gave up all six goals.

Team Blue Goals:

Sol Seibel (2)
Hudson Schandor
Ben Baker

Players that I thought stood out,

Team White:

Riley Brandt (4 goals) Was by far the top player on the ice, scoring four goals, three wich come in the final frame. Brandt has looked very good at Camp this week, will be returning for a third season with the Vipers.

Team Blue:

Sol Seibel (2 goals) Had a strong game on the blueline. Was fairly active with and without the puck through out tonight's game-scrimmage.

Jake Garman showed signs of skill at times during the loss.

Both teams played with shortened benches.

Team Red defeated Team Black in the second and final game-scrimmage of the night. It was 2-0 for Team Red after the opening frame and 6-1 after the 2nd period. Just one goal in the 3rd as Team Red come away with the win.This game wasn't close as Team Red outplayed Team Black most of the night. 

Ty Taylor started in goal for Team Red was replaced by Jordan Naylor halfway through the game after giving up just a single goal. Naylor didn't allow a goal for the remainder of the night.

Team Red Goals:

Steven Jandric
Jonas Leas
Brett Stapley
#17 (2 goals) (Not listed on the lineup-roster)
Sho Takai
Shane Kelly

Austin Poulin started in goal for Team Black allowed two goals before being replaced by Billy Cawthorn halfway through the game, allowed five goals.

Team Black Goals:

Liam Ryan

Players that I thought stood out,

Team Red:

Chris Jandric the younger brother of Vipers forward Steven Jandric had a strong game on the backend. Jandric looked very comfortable through out the night, was very steady. Played a few games as an affiliated player "AP" with the Vipers last year, has been impressive at Camp this week.

Jarrod Isley has impressed me this week, had another good game tonight. Plays with confidence, moves the puck, good skater, has some good mobility, has some decent size, played well this week.

Shane Kelly (1 goal) Is another defenceman that has caught my attention this week. Looked good tonight, scored the seventh goal of the game, on a blast from the point in the 3rd. Another d-man that has some size.

Steven Jandric (1 goal) Had a strong game, scored once, was all over the ice. Will be returning for a second season with the Vipers.

Brett Stapley (1 goal) Looks to have grown over the summer, played well tonight.

#17 (2 goals) Isn't listed on the lineup-roster had a strong game. Had some good shifts, has some size, skates ok, goes into the corners and to the net.

Team Black:

Austin Poulin has caught my attention this week, gave up two goals in the first half of the game, played well. Saw a lot of rubber before being replaced halfway through the game.

Mike Ufberg Is another defenceman that has impressed me this week. Played well tonight, gets pucks to the net, plays physical.

Liam Ryan (1 goal) Is another kid that has shown spurts at times through out Camp this week. Played well tonight in the loss. Scored on a real nice bang bang play down low.

Both teams went with shortened benches.

Tonight was the third and final day of Training Camp, as the Vipers open the Pre-Season tomorrow night vs Penticton. The Vees are in action tonight vs West Kelowna.

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