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Salmon Arm 4 Vernon 3

For anyone who could not attend or watch tonight’s Vipers game here are my thoughts and views from tonight’s game. You may agree or disagree but we all have our own view and opinion on any game we watch. This is my opinion and my thoughts on how I saw tonight’s game. I try to be unbiased and give a fare recap on both sides. Thanks for stopping by & visiting my blog.

I was at tonight's Vipers-Silverbacks game as Salmon Arm defeated Vernon 4-3 in front of 2,017 fans at Kal Tire Place.

Starting Goaltenders:

Vernon: Andrew Shortridge
Salmon Arm: Angus Redmond

1st Period: The Vipers would get an early powerplay just twenty four seconds off the opening faceoff. Vernon with good pressure on the man advantage would get lots of pucks to the net, Callum Volpe with two quick shots from the blueline forced Angus Redmond into making two good saves. The Vipers unable to capitalize as SA would kill off the minor. The Vipers had lots of jump and energy early were keeping pace with the Backs, were up in shots 8-5 as both teams looked fairly even early before the Silverbacks would open the scoring. Josh Blanchard gave Salmon Arm a 1-0 lead at 5:06 Phil Middleton & Colton Thibault collected the assists. SA seemed to gain momentum after the goal and slowly took over the edge in play. Salmon Arm controlling the play, moved the puck well, had several good looks at the net, were firing lots of rubber towards Shortridge.Just before the midway mark Kodi Schwarz with a quick shot from the point was redircted in front by Taro Hirose forcing Andrew Shortridge into making a nice save. Mac Ferner would take a hit along the end wall, slowly make his way to the Vipers bench with a bit of a limp. Ferner would get looked at by the trainer before making his way to the dressing room and didnt return. The Silverbacks would get their first look with the man advantage at the halfway mark, with a steady PP the Backs moved the puck around, had some good looks down low, couldnt find the back of the net as Vernon would kill off the minor.  As now the Silverbacks rallied in the shot department were outshooting the Vipers 16-8 at this point. The Vipers couldnt get anything going, had problems getting through the neutral zone. With six and a half minutes remaining Jimmy Lambert setup Odeen Tufto on a Vernon odd man rush, Tufto unable to get a clear shot off was stopped by Angus Redmond. I think if Tufto connected on Lambert's pass this puck was in the back of the net. Vernon responded with a few solid shifts of their own in the final minutes. It was 1-0 Salmon Arm after 20 minutes of play. The Vipers with a good start, got an early powerplay, had some good pressure and good opportunities couldnt open the scoring. The Backs would open the scoring and carry most of the play for the remainder of the period. The Silverbacks threw alot of rubber towards Andrew Shortridge, while Vernon had troubles getting through the neutral zone, did manage to come back and play a little better in the final few minutes. Salmon Arm outshot Vernon 21-12.

2nd Period: Off the opening faceoff Marcus Mitchell with a quick shot from the circle may have handcuffed Vipers starting goaltender Andrew Shortridge who just got a peice of Mitchell's shot with his glove as the puck went over the top of the net. Both teams went back and fourth as the play was fairly even early but like last night both teams didnt generate alot of chances. Both teams played fairly well defensively not giving up alot of time or space. Ross Heidt with a wrap around through the puck out front setup Taro Hirose who beat Shortridge giving Salmon Arm a 2-0 lead at 9:46 on a nice setup by Heidt. Heidt would get the lone assist. A few minutes later the Vipers would get their second PP of the night and capitalize. Odeen Tufto from the slot beat Silverbacks starting goaltender Angus Redmond cutting the Backs lead to 2-1 at 14:17 Latrell Charleson and Callum Volpe with the helpers. Off the following faceoff the Vipers would get into penalty trouble and it would cost them. Within seconds the Silverbacks would get a lengthy five on three. SA moving the puck around, didnt get alot of shots before Carson Buldoc wired a shot off the crossbar. Salmon Arm with a ton of pressure would capitalize. Chase Zieky at the side of the net gave Salmon Arm a 3-1 lead at 15:46 Josh Laframboise & Kodi Schwarz picked up the assists. Still on the man advantage Vernon would get into more penalty trouble taking another penalty, giving SA another five on three powerplay and again the Backs would capitalize. Damian Chrcek with a rocket from the blueline found the back of the net giving Salmon Arm a 4-1 lead at 16:48 Josh Blanchard & Cameron Trott picked up the helpers. As the crowd at Kal Tire Place was letting the officials know, what they thought about the penalties. Mark Ferner and the Vipers bench was also upset, complaining to the referee's on several occasions. With the Silverbacks still on the PP Salmon Arm would take a penalty evening up the play, giving the Vipers a late powerplay. Just before the powerplay expired Vernon would get a short two man advantage of their own. It was 4-1 Salmon Arm after 40 minutes of play. The Vipers played a much better period and held their own in the first half, Vernon didnt get many opportunties but neither did the Silverbacks as the play was fairly even. A very physical period as the Vipers picked up the physical play, were really throwing their weight around but then the Backs responded with some heavy hits of their own, as it looked as if the game may get ugly. A big goal by Taro Hirose gave SA a 2-0 lead before Odeen Tufto gets the Vipers on the board, getting the Vipers back in the game.  But then the Vipers get into penalty trouble and here is the TSN turning point. Salmon Arm with two back to back powerplay goals take a 4-1 lead heading into the 3rd after a penalty filled second half of the period. Vernon outshot Salmon Arm 16-11.

3rd Period: Vernon starts the final frame on the man advantage that was carried over from the 2nd period. Odeen Tufto wired a hard shot from the slot, that beat Angus Redmond but went off the crossbar even though the goal light went on, Callum Volpe jumps on the rebound but couldnt beat the Backs goaltender on the second opportunity. Redmond come across the blue paint to rob Volpe on a huge save keeping this a 4-1 game. On the following shift, still on the powerplay the Vipers work the puck around before Latrell Charleson wires a rocket from the blueline beat Redmond but went off the post as Vernon with back to back posts within seconds. The Vipers come very close to making things interesting. Salmon Arm would kill off the minor before the Silverbacks would get into penalty trouble just after killing off the minor. Vernon would get a two man advantage but it was the Backs who would get the better opportunity Taro Hirose setup Ross Heidt on a Silverbacks two on one shorthanded rush couldnt beat Andrew Shortridge who come up with a big save on the penalty kill. The Vipers would respond with a good push back and capitalize on the second powerplay. Callum Volpe's blast from the point found it's way to the back of the net cutting the SA lead to 4-2 at 4:50 Latrell Charleson with the lone helper. A few minutes later Salmon Arm would get their fourth two man advantage, as Colton McCarthy would get tossed from the game for his third stick infraction, while Mark Ferner would also get tossed from the game for arguing with the officials. Ferner wasnt very pleased with the reffing, had several visits with the referee's during the 2nd and 3rd periods. On the man advantage, getting lots of pressure Andrew Shortridge was forced into making several big saves down low. Shortridge robbed Josh Laframboise with a huge glove save from in close keeping the Vipers in the game. At point Shortridge sprawled across the crease to make a save, looked to be in some discomfort but stayed in the game. Vernon did a heck of a job on the penalty kill would kill off both minors before getting back on their own PP. But shorthanded Josh Blanchard was able to walk in alone for the breakaway couldnt beat Shortridge who closed the fivehole, making another big stop shorthanded. Vernon with some good looks, couldnt beat Angus Redmond after some very good chances as Salmon Arm would kill off the penalty. The Backs would get a late two man advantage as the crowd was very hostile. But Andrew Shortridge come up with several big saves, while the Vipers penalty kill was also big would kill off another five on three. The Vipers would get a late powerplay with two minutes to go, get Andrew Shortridge to the bench for the extra attacker and put a ton of pressure on the Silverbacks. Vernon moving the puck well, had several good looks and chances couldnt solve Angus Redmond. A wild goal mouth scramble, looked to have Michael Winnitoy cover his hand on the puck in the crease, but no call was made while play continued. Salmon Arm was able to clear the puck from the crease before the Vipers kept the puck inside the zone. Odeen Tufto would eventually find the back of the net, beating Redmond low along the ice getting Vernon to within a goal at 19:44 Christian Cakebread with the helper. The Vipers would leave Shortridge on the bench for the extra attacker, would get two or three cracks at a late chance but couldnt muster the game tying goal as Salmon Arm would hang on for the 4-3 victory. A penalty filled period saw both teams get into penalty trouble getting several powerplays. Not alot of flow in the 3rd with all the penalties took away from a great hockey game. The Silverbacks with two different five on three's couldnt put the game away, while the Vipers with a two man advantage of their own. The Backs with two great shorthanded chances. Both teams with some good chances while also come up with some good penalty kills. Both goaltenders were huge in the 3rd. Salmon Arm outshot Vernon 14-8.

Top Player's: (Vernon)

Latrell Cahrleson (2 assists) I thought played a strong game on the Viper backend. Charleson has been a great addition to the Viper roster, adding size, mobility and a good hard shot on the PP. 

Odeen Tufto (2 goals) Wasnt getting much puck luck early in the game but as the game went along, I thought was getting the bounces his way. Played strong up front, getting a ton of opportunities couldnt seem to connect on a few plays-passes early. Worked very hard, got the Vipers on the board and back into the game in the 2nd before making things interesting with a late goal to end the game.

Callum Volpe (1 goal & 1 assist) Had a huge game on the blueline. Volpe looked like a veteran d-man out there tonight. Saw alot of minutes and really stepped up his play, after Mac Ferner left the game in the opening period. Volpe was really shooting the puck tonight, getting lots of shots towards the Backs net. Also played very well defensively.

Andrew Shortridge (42 saves) Looked to have injured himself in the 3rd after making a big save but stayed in the game. Looked to be in some discomfort after making the save, but looked fine as the game went on. Shortridge has been the Vipers MVP this season and he played like it tonight making 42 saves in the loss was very strong on the penalty kill, when the team needed him the most. Made several big stops on the PK keeping the Vipers in the game, and giving them a chance to make a comeback.

Game Thought's: (Vernon)

A good start saw the Vipers play well, hold their own against the Backs early but couldnt hold onto that energy for long. I thought the Silverbacks carried alot of the play in the opening frame, had way too many shots & opportunities while the Vipers struggled getting through the neutral zone, didnt get alot of chances. Give Vernon credit they come back with a strong effort in the 2nd again battled hard, held their own saw them go down 2-0 before responding with a huge goal late on the powerplay to get back in the game and get the crowd into the game. But then the penalties come and the Vipers got into penalty trouble and it cost them. The Silverbacks with two quick back to back powerplays basically put the game away had a 4-1 lead heading into the 3rd. The second half of the 2nd and the entire 3rd was filled with nothing but penalties. Give the Vipers credit, they didnt fold the tent but got some solid goaltending from Andrew Shortridge as well as played very well on the penalty kill, would kill off two different five on three's in the third made a game of things. The Vipers battled and played hard in the 3rd would get two powerplay goals to make for a wild finish, would eventually run out of time, come very close to tying the game to force overtime. For a second straight night the Vipers give up over 40 shots. I thought the Vipers got alot more opportunities and zone time tonight, unlike last night in Salmon Arm. Vernon also played alot more physical and played with alot more energy and emotion-intensity tonight. 

Top Player's: (Salmon Arm)

Phil Middleton (1 assist) With another strong game on the backend. The veteran defenceman was hard to play against down low, played well defensively.

Michael Winnitoy played with an edge and was in the face of several Vipers for a second straight night.

Damian Chrcek (1 goal) I thought played a solid game on the backend.

Josh Laframboise (1 assist) Was very good through out tonight's game. Was robbed in the 3rd after a huge glove save off Andrew Shortridge.

Josh Blanchard who I thought was pretty quiet last night, played a heck of a game this evening. Really used his speed, was going to the net, worked hard.

Taro Hirose (1 goal) Has played very well against the Vipers in the past, looked very good. Made some smart plays, sees and reads the ice well.

Ross Heidt (1 assist) Had a strong game in Salmon Arm last night, played well tonight. Didnt get the scoring chances he had last night, but again was going to the net, made some nice plays.

Angus Redmond (33 saves) Has played very well over Vernon, didnt have to make any real difficult saves in the first two periods looked strong and confident in the 3rd, especially with the Vipers on the powerplay. Redmond made some key saves at times, coming up with some big stops. Looked confident, played his position well.

Game Thought's: (Salmon Arm)

The Silverbacks improve to 3-0 over the Vipers this season, 5-0 if you include the pre-season. Salmon Arm could have gone up by two or three goals in the 1st fired alot of shots on goal, carried the better of the play for most of the 1st period only managed the one goal. Alot more even play tonight in the 2nd and 3rd but the Silverbacks who look so calm and confident get the big goal when needed. Up 1-0 in the 2nd both teams were fairly even with not alot of chances before Taro Hirose with a big second goal puts the Backs up 2-0. Then the two quick back to back powerplay goals gives SA a three goal lead heading into the 3rd but Salmon Arm couldnt capitalize on several powerplays, could have easily put this game away. The Backs ran into a good goaltender and a good penalty kill by Vernon. Both teams picked up the physical play in the 2nd period and it looked like things may get carried away before a penalty filled second half to the 2nd period and full 3rd. Both teams took some undisaplined penalties but there were alot of soft calls made, that really ruined this hockey game. Both teams played hard and either team could have won tonight. Both teams had several good chances on the powerplay, both goaltenders come up with some huge saves. I thought the Silverbacks looked stronger and more aggresive on home ice last night, gave up alot more zone time and Viper scoring plays. 



Brett Stapley
Bo Pellah

Salmon Arm:

Nick Hutchison (Injured)
Sam DeMelo

Energy Player of the Game:

Riley Brandt

Three Star's:

1st Star: Josh Blanchard (1 goal & 1 assist)
2nd Star: Callum Volpe (1 goal & 1 assist)
3rd Star: Angus Redmond (33 saves)

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